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In the Moment

It feels like I've been fighting him for hours. And while I know better, it's hard to fight that feeling.
Hard to keep going, but I have to.

Up and down the bank we go- him backing toward the group, and then me pushing him back again. There are others here, giving everything to stand against the blackness that was always clutching the heart of Excolo. So many people here putting every fiber of their being into this one moment.

I don't think that I've ever seen anything more beautiful.

But then something changes- my opponent has been kind enough to put on a person suit for our dance, but his eyes are still fire. They flicker and then the world shifts for half a second and it is not the man anymore. I can't tell if he's rushing at me, or past me but I can't let him get to them. I have to protect them. If I've never done anything before in my whole life, I have to stand between them and-

it's cold

it shouldn't be cold, there's fire in front of me and i can see myself
see my sword fall from nerveless fingers
see, just as i can feel the massive paw in my chest and the teeth at my throat
feel the blood
that's my body, but now i know that i am more than that if only for a few seconds

and i can see the magic my friends have wrought and i can go to it, and i can push just there and
if i've never done anything in my life i can help them and
i can protect them all
i can protect EXCOLO forever
i can-