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Est Deus In Nobis

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Year 100 of the End Times.

One hundred years after the Apocalypse, in a country that was once the United States of America, the forces of light and dark are converging on a small town called Excolo. Here the world will be saved… or damned.

The time leading up to the Apocalypse has been lost; history is now a fractured thing, and the society that has emerged out of its wake is strange indeed. The technological world is a mishmash, ranging from medieval agricultural practices to whispered rumours of surviving nuclear weapons. Odd religions have sprung up, born in disaster and fed on superstition and hysteria. Not-men walk the earth. Strange creatures with human bodies and animal heads have been seen, and there are those who claim to be pagan gods reborn.

Welcome to Excolo. You’ll never leave.

Useful Links: for prospective players

Character Directory - check here to find out what characters we already have!
Map: new and updated map coming soon!
Game rules
Player directory: see who plays who!

Links for current players (mostly friends only)

Roundup posts

Current application status: open! Go here for more details.

Your mods:
Rachel (rachel2205): general ubermod - go to with enquiries on the game as a whole, applications, game canon and so on!
Meww (tlatzomia): administrative mod - go to for questions on rules and to have your applications approved/get tags added to the game!
Frances (torrain): OOC mod - in charge of the roundup and generally keeping things orderly!

This RPG is loosely inspired by the perfumes of The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. This game contains scenes of an adult nature and is not intended to be read by minors.

[Disclaimer: BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB, BPAL, IMP'S EARS, A LITTLE LUNACY, CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE and all oil names are trademarks of the Black Phoenix Partnership. All scent descriptions and original artwork © 2000-2008, Black Phoenix Partnership except for public domain works and Carnaval Diabolique artwork © 2008 Jennifer Williamson. All characters, locations, and scent descriptions within the Carousel / Neil Gaiman and Stardust collections are the intellectual property of Neil Gaiman. All characters, locations, and scent descriptions within the Good Omens series are the intellectual property of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. We don't work for or represent the Lab. This game is inspired by the perfumes of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and has no commercial purpose.]